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It seems simple enough, however speed dating can be intimidating for many people, so we've compiled a series of tips and tricks to help you improve your chances of success!

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610 dating speed

Links to Speed Dating Resources In this section, we've posted links to some of the most popular speed dating sites in various regions around the world.

The Epson Work Force 610 is a subtle refresh of last year's Epson Work Force 600.

Speed Dating is a fun way to meet lots of eligible singles in a short period of time!

The basic concept: gather a large group of people together at a venue, send them on a series of quick 5-minute dates with each other, and hope that magical love connections are made!

One of the best dating tips I give guests is to avoid talking about work too much at singles nights. Although it’s nice to hear what people do to get a sort of background picture, don’t spend your precious 4 minute speeddate explaining how you’ve just taken on a new really complex finance modeling system which is bound to boggle and bore your date.


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    If his worst habit is just something you can’t stand and refuse to accept (snoring, smoking, alcohol, etc), then it’s probably best to quit while you’re ahead. Think glamorous dinner on the beach by candlelit followed by salsa dancing at the sexiest downtown spot.