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In my forthcoming book “Date Smarter – The Savvy Singles Guide to Navigating the Dating Maze” I share with my readers some of the battles I had growing up and the impact it had on my dating life and self-esteem early on.As an overweight child my mother taught me year after year and one crash diet after another that fat equaled ugly.And that you’re probably too busy dishing up chicken nuggets and making sure In The Night Garden is on the telly at 6.30pm every night to make it down to your local and meet people in person. Like I said above, multiple dating is totes OK these days.

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I am here to loudly and proudly tell you my mother was wrong and all the messaging out there that has a similar tone to it is wrong as well.

There is an overabundance of love, dating and marriage happiness and overall life happiness out there for a fat, overweight, plus size …

I know many of my single mum mates would love to meet someone, and so would many of the readers on this site, so in the interests of Mother’s Day and doing something for yourself – I’m sharing some dating tips to get you started. Maybe you’ve mourned the end of your relationship for two years before it actually bites the dust and are ready to date like, yesterday. I had a reader write in once who revealed she’d done the deed with a guy once, gotten pregnant, he’d promptly left her and she got on with the business of raising her kid on her own until whoosh – four years passed and she realized she’d quite like to meet someone, thank you very much, but didn’t know how.

(If you’re not out there on the dating scene being awesome already.) 1. Or perhaps you find the idea of putting the kids to bed and sitting in an unfamiliar new house quaffing wine and crying exactly what you need to do at this point in time. Which brings me to the little question of, can you wait too long? It’s easy to get way, way too comfortable with single life.

As quick as it is to meet a person online it is to delete them.


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    (Unfortunately these things have happened to me.)So I bought a bunch of the dating guru products, and I am happy to report I am now much more comfortable and much more successful in approaching women.

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    It is very difficult to find your pair and decent person for friendship or matchmaking in real life.