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Cataracts are the leading cause of reversible vision loss in this country.

Fortunately, in most cases the cataract is removable and vision can be restored with an intraocular lens ("IOL")*.

By virtue of their older ages, most patients who undergo cataract surgery also have presbyopia.

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This means that they can in most, but not all patients, be selected to correct for either distance or near/close vision but not both.

The choice of whether distance or near vision is selected to be corrected, is based on each patient's individual preference, their current need for glasses and the degree of cataract in the other eye.

We can then incorporate this amount of astigmatism correction into the artificial lens that is selected for your cataract surgery.

This is called a toric lens implant and it represents a more customized permanent lens implant for your eye.

The ability to correct vision this way means that lens replacement is increasingly being used by people with a very mild — or even no — cataract, as an alternative to wearing contacts or glasses or having laser surgery.