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Arguing against the commonly-held view that accommodations are always expensive, it will be shown that most accommodations cost little or nothing to acquire, have reasonable costs to implement, and actually add value to the workplace.

The bottom line is that accommodating employees makes good business sense.

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Myanmar continued to strive for attracting foreign investment into the country in the current 2017-18 fiscal year which began in April.

During the first four months of the fiscal year up to July, 3.1 billion U.

That action is known by many names – modified duty, light duty, early return to work programs, even restricted duty. It sometimes involves shuffling the job duties of others or trying to create productive work for the injured employee out of thin air.

Regardless of the name, the objective is the same and that is to accommodate the medically-imposed work restriction. It may even require that training be conducted for one or more employees to perform tasks that they have never performed before. This newsletter describes them as well as addressing some of the common objections for not doing so. It will reduce or eliminate the lost wages portion of the claim, thus reducing the cost of that claim and in turn reducing the negative impact on your future workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

, Alan Cantor illustrated the idea of employment accommodation for people with disabilities; discusses the role of human rights legislation in settling the question of who is responsible for providing workplace accommodations; and clarifies the extent to which an employer is responsible for ensuring that a qualified individual is accommodated. Cantor discusses the benefits of accommodating employees with disabilities.