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Autumn Fields Adult Community is a licensed assisted living community offering both Independent and Assisted Living options.We offer an active, independent home-like atmosphere for seniors, while providing individualized care and personal assistance with normal daily activities as needed.As we have entered the second decade of our entrepreneurial growth, I am tremendously proud of our company and the hard work of our team members globally, and I invite you to learn more about air G through this website.

IRead more: Filly Suso is from a griot family in Bundung, Serre Kunda.

But the young Gambian girl has chosen a different path.

This shift in romantic expectations is an encouraging indication that alternative relationships may just become the […] Quiz: Should You Be in an Open Relationship?

First comes love, then comes marriage then comes…polyamory?

In most families, once the child has become a teenager and graduated from high school, he or she leaves the home and leads an independent lifestyle.