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With Windows 10, your child will also have to use a Microsoft account to log in. If you want to allow your child to make some purchases--without racking up thousands on virtual coins--you can add money to his or her Microsoft account and keep your credit card out of it.This is a change from previous versions of Windows, but it allows you to apply the parental control settings across all the Windows devices your child uses and manage the settings from the web. This page shows your child's purchase history with the Microsoft Store and the Xbox store. This takes you to the privacy settings web page for Xbox.

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Here's how to turn on and tweak the parental controls for each child account in Windows 10.

To use Windows' parental controls, you'll need two things: You have to log into Windows with your Microsoft account (not a local account) and the account you want to manage has to be set up as a child account in Windows.

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Family & other people and clicking Manage family settings online. In the Family section of your Microsoft account, you will see an overview of your family, children and adults.