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Hardware-based management works at a different level from software applications, and uses a communication channel (through the TCP/IP stack) that is different from software-based communication (which is through the software stack in the operating system).

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The bulk of the cmdlets are Get- and Set- verb cmdlets, as you would expect.

These cmdlets allow you to retrieve and set specific settings with each cmdlet.

One View introduced the ability to set BIOS settings during the provisioning of systems and these BIOS cmdlets put the same level of control into more system admins and engineer’s hands, even if the environment has not adopted HP One View.

When I read this news, the first thing that popped into mind was using this to ensure that my Windows cluster hosts are set to the correct Power Management mode and easily enough, that is the example that is found in the HP documentation that shipped with the toolkit.

All you need to do is create a new, or modify an existing task sequence with the UIU Machine Configuration step, and you've completely eliminated driver packages from the process.


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