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If it's very high profile, they can be followed by photographers around the world ...

A decade of marriage, and this Hollywood couple hasn't spent more than three weeks apart. "And now we get to have our kids at this ceremony :) It'll be shorter. 30, and the rest as they say, has been happily ever after: Your Tango: So how are you managing two young kids and working? Your Tango: How long after that did you get together?

They couple have two daughters: Satyana Marie Denisof and Keeva Jane Denisof.

'How I Met Your Mother' star Alyson Hannigan reveals that she followed her mother's advice and decided not to rush into a marriage.

Hannigan wanted the photo booth to amuse guests, Denisof wanted a trampoline so they could jump for joy at being married, and they both wanted it to happen at the first place they traveled to as a couple.