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Edit He received his formal education from Bishop Gorman High School. Edit After completing his formal education from Bishop Gorman High School, he desired to receive his higher education. There he studied various writing skills and also did a creative writing course which helped him a lot in his song writing profession. at the Disco', he joined another musical band named ' The Young Veins'.

You know that a lot of people (including me) ship Ryden like A LOT, and swear to god that they were hooking up (see, im not using the word love, i said hooking), but another part just afirm that Ryan Ross didnt love Brendon Urie as Brendon Urie loved him or started to falling in love for him. Well, I dont know if you are in to Ryden but I will give you a WHOLE masterpost about it: it, like SERIOUSLY, its a lot of information). ATD’s name and start again with a new band like them, but well, they didnt because people knooow them. They stopped talking for a longe time, when Brendon and Ryan acidentally met at a restaurant?

A lot of people think Ryan was very confused about his life in the end of the A Fever Era and Keltie Colleen (his ex fiancee) was there too. I dont know, maybe a shopping, AND: THIS PICTURE CAME OUT, SHANE VALDES TOOK IT. Well, after that, they keep saying that “oh, they are still friends blablablablabl a lot of shit” but then Brendon gave a interview for a radiostation saying that when they split, Brendon and Spencer where like “WELL, FUCK THOSE GUYS” but P! Then, Ryan and Jon started being hella aloof about P!

Two Disney Channel stars are putting the brakes on any upcoming wedding. News can confirm Dove Cameron and Ryan Mc Cartan have broken up almost six months after getting engaged."Dove has decided this relationship isn't what she wants," Ryan shared on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. Please be sensitive, as this is painful."The news comes as a surprise to many fans of the couple. News just last month, Ryan admitted that there was no rush to get to any altar."She's so busy. The last thing we want to do is turn it into another thing on the to-do list, you know what I mean? News while promoting As for the engagement, Ryan made the announcement in his 1,000th Instagram picture back in April. So, we saw all the lights, the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Park Observatory, and it was so romantic," Ryan once shared with J-14 when recalling his first date.

Whether it's posing on red carpets together or enjoying dates in privacy, this duo has plenty of happy memories to share."I took her up to this place up in the Hollywood Hills that has basically a panoramic 360 view of all of Hollywood and all of the valley.

Ryan Ross is not married yet but he has been involved in love affairs many girlfriends. But they didn't marry and they separated in 2009. He had a dreamed to be one of the great singers since his childhood days.