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This requires examining the surprisingly contentious issue of how best to define the terms “atheism” and “agnosticism”.

Settling this issue, at least for the purposes of this entry, will set the stage for discussing an important distinction between global atheism and local atheism, which in turn will be helpful for distinguishing different forms of agnosticism.

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Mehta is a regular speaker at atheist events and has sat on the boards of charitable organizations such as the Secular Student Alliance and the Foundation Beyond Belief.

He also runs a blog on Patheos, Friendly Atheist, in which he and his associates publish articles several times a day.

Examination of an argument in support of a modest form of agnosticism will ensue, followed by discussion of three arguments for atheism and one argument against a more ambitious form of agnosticism.

“Atheism” is typically defined in terms of “theism”.

more Author Hemant Mehta speaks with pastor Randy Frazee at the Oak Hills Church on Sunday, July 7, 2013.