Camsex all - Babay mama dating

How on earth do you want a rational human being to come into your life only to make a baby, and after then, she's shown out to the husband market again. Can you foot the cost, cos chances are high you'll only meet pros in Baby making and not a random, sane and normal human you'll want your baby be. The probability that he won't marry her is very high I think, especially given the fact that he has from the onset, stated that all he desire is a babymama and not a wife.

Life itself is stressful, and only the bold takes it by the horn.

As cute as he is, I can understand wanting to share. As long as she’s managed to keep him out of the public eye, we’re sure she knew the day was coming soon.

He deleted the photo shortly after but not before people had a chance to get the screenshot. We commend her for protecting her child but also can’t deny that we loved seeing his sweet, little face!

Dont forget to dole out cash to them when they are pregnant.