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The Strike Force model has been one of the best selling trail cameras the last several years.

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To facilitate research, the authors have prepared a quick reference chart on the last page of the book which directs the reader immediately to the page in where to find a specific serial number.7- Component Parts: Each relative part of the Auto-5 ( A-5 ) shotgun is reviewed and changes and introduction dates on the changes is explained.

Including Auto-5 ( A-5 ) shotgun barrels and variations, receiver changes, safety modifications, magazine cap and magazine plug variations, stock and butt-plate variations, and other related parts.8- Models: All models are clearly discussed with their variations and introduction dates; including the standard 12 gauge Auto-5, the 16 gauge Auto-5, The Sweet Sixteen, Trap and skeet models, Lightweight and super lightweight Auto-5 models, etc.9- Boxes, Cases and Hang tags: All accessories are explained in detail in this chapter including instruction manuals and their envelopes, hang tags, boxes and cases.

Each year is listed with ending serial numbers for each caliber.

The information clearly explains FN production and warehousing habits and the difference between in warehouse dates as well as shipping dates.

In the interior of the grip a is the seat for the detachable cartridge-magazine, in which cartridges are held one upon the other upon a spring-follower. 580,924,- and' forming no part of the present invention require no further, description or ,explanation; herein, except so far as certain features will be referred to hereinafter.