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Mara preferred to speak as little as possible, looking like a somewhat disinterested teen in a gothy black outfit and pale, gloomy face makeup.As for the age gap, Blanchett, 46, stepped out of the hotel press suite to call her kids.Mara, 30, tuned out those around her as she texted home to check on her dogs.

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And, no, it's not because that's the only thing that makes them valuable.

Clearly there's way more, but in the interest of saving time research a million ladies and still having interesting tidbits to read as we vote, we're sticking with just relationships this round.

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Just like last week, we're looking at one particular aspect of these ladies' lives - who they've dated.

"The thing for me personally that is a difficult transition is that my life at home is just so different to my life at work," the mum-of-three added.