Humans mainly appear as images of hands, mostly hand stencils made by blowing pigment on a hand held to the wall.

The earliest known cave paintings/drawings of animals are at least 35,000 years old and were found in caves in the district of Maros, located in Bantimurung district, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, according to datings announced in 2014.

unless you devastatingly break up with a native (one of the persons in the other circle of friends) in which case, no natives can touch you and you are exiled from the cave. when natalie and cory broke up, she started dating stephen.

"cave dating", "cave dater" or "dating in a cave" is a term meaning that you and your circle of friends tend to date people that are all in another circle of friends.

It was discovered by the deep-sea diver Henri Cosquer in 1985, who returned several times before discovering a number of hand stencils, pictographs and petroglyphs on the cave's walls.