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Not only are a number of experts at variance with each other, but most have allowed their preconceptions to colour facts to such an extent that an entirely false picture of human origins now dominates the entire world’s educational systems and public media networks.

There is no scientific reason for insisting that any of the australopithecines and habilines are ancestral to humans, though they may be the (hitherto missing) non-evolutionary forbears of modern great apes.

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Debate continues over the australopithecines, but close examination of the dentition and jaws, the position of the foramen magnum, the upper body bones, the rib-cage and waist, the arm, hand and phalanges, the pelvis, hip and thigh, the legs, knees and feet, and the ankle joint not only shows that they were not bipedal, but that they were probably the ancestors of today’s great apes, the chimpanzees and gorillas.

The habilines likewise have been difficult for the palaeoanthropologists to classify as a uniform group, because the evidence clearly shows that they were variants of the australopithecines and not a separate taxon within the genus Various camps in the field of human historical study have manipulated or distorted (probably unconsciously) the facts about the australopithecines and habilines to suit their own particular viewpoints, and consequently their own fame, fortune and standing in the scientific community, plus the very generous taxpayer-funded research grants available.

At 2 Chronicles , 21, we read: 'Then he carried off everyone who was left to Babylon, where they served as slaves for him and his sons until the Medes came along and fulfilled the words of Jehovah through Jeremi Ah, and after the land had observed its Sabbaths.

For, during the seventy years that the land lay desolate, it was observing its Sabbath.' Then Dani El wrote (at Daniel 9:1-3): 'Well, it was in the first year of Darius (of Xerxes), who was from the seed of the Medes and who ruled over the kingdom of the Chaldeans, that I (Dani El) came to understand the number of the years from the words that Jehovah had given to the Prophet Jeremi Ah; for there he prophesied that Jeru Salem would lie desolate for seventy years.' And the Prophet Zechari Ah wrote (at Zechariah ) that an angel from God said: 'O Jehovah of Armies; How long will you fail to show mercy, On Jeru Salem and the cities of Judah?

The provenience, association, and matrix of such archaeological data SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: ADTCATEGORY: database design DEFINITION: A class of data that does not conform to alphanumeric, numeric, Boolean, text, or string types; includes time and date fields as well as special data types for ordinal time, statistical dates, stratigraphic order, and CATEGORY: branch DEFINITION: The use of geological techniques and methods to archaeological work.