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Your local fireplace showrooms and suppliers can always be found using the search facilities at uk who will always be willing to offer expert and considered advice.The Louis or King Louis fireplace is named after the nineteen French Monarchs who ruled from the 1300s until the French Revolution of 1789.

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All the evidence examined establishes this fact, with the following exceptions; namely, that long after 1800, wrought nails, to stand the jar, and because they would clench, continued to be used in the facings of window shutters; in the battens of doors; in the overlap of boards (old style) in lathed room partitions: or on door latches, etc., until about 1850.

But these exceptions are not typical of the nails used to build houses after 1800.

The front is flat and box like with a wide rectangular opening for the fire dogs, grate or basket.

The designs of the Louis Revival fireplaces were more elegant than their counterpart British marble fireplaces often being made by Italian craftsmen with additional detailing and finishing completed by French artisans.

The Louis fireplace we are familiar with today should more correctly be referred to as Louis Revival fireplaces as they are the product of the efforts of 19 Century architects and designers to re-introduce styles which mimicked rather than faithfully reproduced the original designs of Louis XIV. The Louis Revival fireplaces popularised in the 19 Century and Victorian period were in general made in England and France and are a lot less elaborate in design than their original predecessors.


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