Dating a single mothe advice

Although I have dated a few guys without kids, but it usually ends becuase they can't handle being second fiddle in my life....

Having a number of relationships in the past two years would indicate that you don't have an issue with quantity, but more of compatible quality.

In a Darwinian sense, we have adapted to our environment and have evolved—by freakish fate—into a stronger species.

“Ladies,” I said, holding court in the kitchenette, “let me share.” Full disclosure: The home I share with my 7-year-old son, Zachary, is hardly a tableau of organized perfection.

Recently, during a break at the office, my colleague Carolyn was venting about how her husband was going out of town for a week—and how she had no idea how she’d manage: How would she get the kids off to school and arrive at work on time, showered, sane and stain-free?