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Some non-smokers view smoking as a key indicator of a person’s long-term dating potential. Because of this, they may have this notion that a partner who smokes could be irresponsible financially and even in other aspects of their lives.

Finally, for those that’re looking for long-term relationships, their perceptions of a smoking partner could be viewed as a health liability.

When I was a growing up, my brothers and I played a game called “Steal Uncle Rick’s Cigarette Packs.” We’d either rush him all at once, overwhelming him with our small reaching fingers and high-pitched giggles, or we’d sneak the pack out of his jacket pocket when he wasn’t paying attention. Nobody approved of his smoking habit, but we weren’t really trying to help him quit — mostly we were just holding him temporarily hostage so he couldn’t leave us to go and smoke.

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I love when you finish a meal, and you just feel healthier right away.

My lunch was missing some protein, so I’m going to have a protein-rich snack before going on a run later (it’s raining so biking is out of the question).

Tobacco addiction is a deeply personal and detrimental issue, not only because of the health complications it poses but also because of its potential impact on loved ones.

Even though my uncle was the youngest of the adults in my family, he’d always be the first to sit out when we played basketball or volleyball.

He was a smoker when we started dating (he began when he was 17, he is now 24) and due to my urges has stopped multiple times.


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