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Now a museum, the beautiful house showcases the work of Thomas Edison and features vintage furnishings from the late 1800s.

Guided tours are available and an operating model of the hydroelectric station is available in the basement for hands-on education. The Paine Art Center – Oshkosh Designed in the 1920s, The Paine Center is a stunning mansion with a unique history in central Oshkosh.

This relationship between glacial erosion and distance from the former terminus is consistent with a marginal zone of minimal subglacial erosion; the ice was either frozen to its bed there, or the ice thickness and duration of ice cover were less near the terminus.

By Amy Bayer Staff Writer The east central region of Wisconsin comprised of only six counties, but the historical and artistic significance found in this small area is evident when reviewing the man-made wonders that call this region home.

Komen South Central Wisconsin (SCWI) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary of the Race for the Cure by embarking on some big changes for 2017!