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"Initially, we wanted it to be for 50 plus people, but after several requests, we have allowed 40-plus singles to also join," Motafram said.

I will be here in pune for another 2yrs , i am not married yet still single There is absolutely no strings attached and this is completely genuine.

"I was always looking for a way for people to come together till I found Dr Devasthali's "Anand Yatri" club," he said.

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Try an anonymous service for finding people like New, which does not reveal or sell your email address to any third party.

The cost of providing an online service is very expensive So if the friendship club is a totally free service but you see no advertising on the site: a) It would be wise to ensure your email address in not being collected to sell to third parties for advertising use.

To start making new friendships online, below we have given you some guidelines to follow on searching for like-minded people at friendship clubs and meeting people just like you, together with help on choosing the right friendship club for you: Firstly, it makes sense to get to know the person well using the friendship clubs websites mailbox, before you reveal your own personal email address.

It is also important that when joining friendship clubs, to avoid a high percentage of spam, do check that the friendship clubs do not reveal your email address to third parties.

kids, houses where the Xs lived before or it might as well be a joint account with prior partners for daily transactions.