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Dulce and Pablito stood directly in front of the space my bus pulled into, bundled in jackets and smiling widely as if I was a long lost friend.Even though I didn't know many people in South America, I’ve been so lucky that the few I do know have a TON of friends, all incredibly kind, all over the place.Founded in 2010, Serving Paraguay is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the children of Paraguay who are victims of abuse, neglect and poverty.

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There is no official red-light district in Asuncion.

Street prostitutes are spread in different areas, just like brothers also.

Prostitution in Paraguay is legal for persons over the age of 18. Prostitution is rampant and obvious after dark on the main avenues in the outskirts and in small parts of the city center's oldest parts near the port.

Transvestite prostitutes are common around many areas, and are best avoided as they are known to cause trouble occasionally.

It was beautiful, peaceful, and a huge contrast to my welcome to the country.