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Has a slug choke also that will shoot Sabot Slugs that rival rifle accuracy. Click for more info New in box Harrigton & Richardson Turkey 20/22 F 3" mag. A single barrel shotgun that is reliable and effective to prov ... Click for more info You are looking at a new H&R Pardner 12 GA shotgun in 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells. the barrel length is 18 inches (standard bird barrel) length of pull is 1 ... Most H & R firearms are still purchased for their shooting value rather than collecting potential.

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Click for more info H&R 20 GAUGE COMMEMORATIVE GREENWING SPECIAL TOPPER SINGLE BARREL SHOTGUN. Click for more info This is an excellent condition H&R Topper Model 58. Click for more info This is a near new H&R Model 88. Click for more info H&R Excell SA Waterfowl 12ga 28" Barrel A complete camo-dip finish makes this a stealthy addition to your duck and goose arsenal.

IT HAS A 26 INCH BARREL WITH MODIFIED CHOKE AND HOLDS 3 IN SHELLS. It has beautiful case colors and I see only few minor mark on the wood. It has beautiful case colors and I see only one minor mark on the forearm. I am selling this one on consignment and as such, lay-a-w ... It features a 28" barrel with four steel-shot-com ...

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