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Online matchmaking services can’t deliver even close to the quality of our relationship candidates.

Further, the majority of our clients aren’t interested in South Carolina dating, they want access to Charleston Personals where they can find a compatible partner locally.

Southwest, Cowboy, Yankees, Beachy with Seashells from Pottery Barn, etc. Sports are the least offensive (but we beg for moderation in this realm). Slipping up and laughing at yourself is charming, but a thin skin is highly suspicious. We're not perfect either, and we're well aware of that. Not because every guy has to be Don Draper, with unshakeable confidence. Unless your sport is your job or scores you a spot on the Summer Olympic team, we’re not into it.

That means it’s okay to be self-deprecating, but not self-aggrandizing.

The new TV show wants to examine the skewed ratio of women to men in the Holy City, and they’re casting single men and women between the ages of 18 and 24 to do so.