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Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is an honest, compelling, and realistic examination of how men think about love and sex and what women need to know so that they can set realistic expectations of the men in their life.

Continue Reading Men and women have to deal with different issues when it comes to many aspects of their body and weight loss is no exception.

Two of Columbus's crewmen during his 1492 journey, Rodrigo de Jerez and Luis de Torres, are said to have encountered tobacco for the first time on the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas, when natives presented them with dry leaves that spread a peculiar fragrance.

Tobacco was widely diffused among all of the islands of the Caribbean and therefore they again encountered it in Cuba, where Columbus and his men had settled.

The curing process is manipulated based upon the type of tobacco, and the desired color of the leaf.


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    Tobacco leaves are harvested and aged using a process that combines use of heat and shade to reduce sugar and water content without causing the large leaves to rot.

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    I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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    Today you are going to learn what it really takes to score a date with a beautiful lady (we will write another post for men soon! Learn Their Culture First Before even attempting to ask a Middle Eastern woman out on a date you are going to have to learn more about her culture.