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I’ve had press in both the UK and USA asking me this question but since I am currently in the UK I had a delay playing the game myself.

If you caught my last article here on Gamasutra, I claimed that there was immense consumer demand for hyper social games that connect them to other people: “If, as the Huffington Post article posits, consumers will largely choose Connection over legacy/analog addictions, then there are annually trillions of dollars just sitting on the table. ” My talk on “The Current State of Mobile Game Development” (sorry no video for the first 10 minutes) at the West Game Development Forum in April in Saint Petersburg explained why we were experiencing layoffs and revenue declines at a time of unprecedented consumer demand for social games.

I explained that this was because we were not making social games. I confused a lot of people by saying that Tinder was my favourite game at the moment because of its social mechanisms, reward mechanisms, and heavy use of user generated content. If our games continue to set barriers between other players so that they are completely anonymous and can’t interact, then that’s going to prevent them from being social.

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Global traffic ranks of 100,000 are subject to large fluctuations and should be considered rough estimates.


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