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Accompanying these small self-contained communities were herds of large migratory herbivores that included bison, elk, horse, mammoth and reindeer.

The cave site stands within a dry limestone valley, approximately 2 km north of the present coast line and has been the focus of a number of investigations over the past 150 years.

Works on the final two years of the part-time degree in archaeology at the University of Bristol.n September 2010, Dr George Nash was exploring the rear section of a limestone cave that stands within the eastern part of an inland valley on the Gower Peninsula in Wales.

Located within a small niche on a near-vertical panel covered with stabilized botryoidal calcite flowstone was a faint engraving of a stylised reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), along with other yet to be identified marks.

To the south, the Bristol Channel was then a seasonally lush landmass that extended to the present day north Devon and Cornwall coastline.


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