Dbs 6 updating ports tree

The My SQL startup script has to be placed in the directory where all the startup scripts reside, so that My SQL starts on system startup.

dbs 6 updating ports tree-77

Dbs 6 updating ports tree

Now that we have the Windows PSC installed, it is time to prepare for installing v Center.

v Center can support three database types: embedded v Post Gres (supports up to 20 hosts and 2000 VMs), Microsoft SQL, and Oracle.

This section describes how to configure your system to install software from both the Open BSD binary package repositories and the ports tree.

Readers already familiar with Open BSD system administration may wish to skip over this section.

Nag your VMware TAM about Always On Availability Group support. 5: ESXi Upgrade Best Practices v Sphere 6.0 Install Pt. Since VMware left these tasks up to the customer to do, I’ve included them in my v Center toolkit to help expedite your installation process.


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