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Micro RNAs are small, non-coding RNA molecules that can complementarily bind to the m RNA 3′-UTR region to regulate the gene expression by transcriptional repression or induction of m RNA degradation.Increasing evidence suggests a new mechanism by which mi RNAs may regulate target gene expression by binding in promoter and amino acid coding regions.

diana microt web server elucidating microrna functions through target prediction-17

Currently, the interest of researchers in this area is growing, the number of projects is increasing, and the number of challenges and issues for computer scientists is considerable.

The need for an introductive survey from a computer science point of view consequently arises.

Abstract micro RNAs (mi RNAs) are 20–24 nucleotide (nt) RNAs that regulate eukaryotic gene expression post-transcriptionally by the degradation or translational inhibition of their target messenger RNAs (m RNAs).

To identify mi RNA target genes will help a lot by understanding their biological functions.

The differential expression of mi RNAs during mammary gland development is expected to provide insight into their roles in regulating the homeostasis of mammary gland tissues.