Did ann coulter dating jimmie walker

Ann Coulter loves “Good Times” star Jimmie Walker — but only as a friend.

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The political commentator responded to Dailymail.com's story about the allegations in a tweet on Wednesday saying the two are just the 'best of friends.' 'Best of friends, love him, no romance,' the 55-year-old tweeted.

The claims were originally made by a source close to Walker, executive producer and developer of Good Times, Norman Lear.

In his memoir, he writes that he voted for Ronald Reagan.

Coulter, meanwhile, is one of the more controversial conservative commentators in the country.

While chatting with Jimmie Walker has dated (or is currently dating) the conservative political commentator. The topic of Walker's personal life came up when Norman was discussing casting his pal as J. on writer denied the romance gossip and said it was the 69-year-old who was "spreading that rumor." However, she did admit they are close friends.