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That is the reason all the sudden "validating identity" show up on the computers.

Just copy the DIR-655 router name, security the computers wireless adapter should fix the in to the router with the computer that can, you know, go to advanced/network filter, check that MAC filtering is disabled, the go to WIFI protected setup, check that it is disabled, usually the DIR-655 has at least one of them enabled by default Ummm, my wireless laptop never had problem with validating identity only 2 wired computers are should validating identity.

Step 01: Check the device status, if the device is disabled in the device manager, Enable it from there Step 02: Enable the services Step 03: Enable Normal Start Up from the System Configuration utility Step 04: In some Toshiba laptop, we need to disable the LAN to enable the WLAN Step 01: When customer tries to connect a second wireless computer and he could not login to the router page Step 02: We could also retrieve the password from the computer which is already connected to the network Step 03: Under the Manage wireless network, Right click on the Network name and click on properties, under security you could see the password in security key, if that is encrypted click on Show characters or display character Step 01: Isolate the issue by checking it on all the devices Step 02: If customer Unable to connect the network on all the devices, then it is a router issue Step 03: If its only on one computer then remove the preferred network Step 04: Add the network manually Step 05: Check the security settings on the router Step 06: If its a higher level security, lower down the security to WEP Step 07: If again the computer is not connecting with the secured network, then try with unsecure network Step 08: If it connected with Unsecured network, Its issue with Router (Update Firmware) Step 09: Unable to connect even with unsecure network, then its Wireless adapter issue Step 10: Update the drivers Step 11: Uninstall the wireless adapter driver and reinstall it Step 12: Isolate the issue by asking the customer when he gets the Message as Windows cannot connect network, is that before entering the Security key or after entering the Key Step 13: If it’s before entering the security key then Access Control is enabled on the router Step 01: Isolate the issue, by checking the other devices Step 02: For Limited or no connectivity, Check if customer is entering the correct password Step 03: Remove the preferred network Step 04: Add it manually Step 05: Assign Static Ip address Step 06: Uncheck and Recheck the TCP/Ip in the adapter properties Step 07: Disable the security Software Step 01: Check what is the Brand name of the adapter connected to the computer Step 02: Tried to connect with the third part utility and if that is not connected Step 03: Disable the Adapter from the start Up Step 04: Restart the computer Remove the preferred network Native wifi network Step 05: Connect with the network and if it still not working Step 06: Uninstall the driver for the third party adapter Step 01: Remove the preferred network Step 02: Remove the Airport icon in the system preference window and add it again Step 03: Change the channel on the router Step 04: If cust has WEP security and it did not accept the password, put the $ symbol and enter the password Step 01: Confirm with the cust that the modem works fine, whether he had tested the connection with the modem Step 02: Check whether the intermittent is only on wired or only on wireless Step 03: Also, check whether it’s only on one computer or on all the computers Step 04: Check the light status on the Router, Check with the cust that the power light blinks stays solid and it has a proper power supply, if there is no proper power supply, check the power cord and try in different power adapter Step 10: Check the distance between the router and the wireless computer Step 11: Check for any interference near the router Step 12: Change the channel and mode Step 13: Change the Fragmentation value to 2304 and the CTS/RTS value to 2307 Step 14: Reconfigure the security settings on the router Step 15: Uninstall the wireless adapter, and update it Step 16: Even after uninstalling the wireless adapter and updating the drivers if it still continued to have the same issue Step 17: Right click on the WLAN adapter and click properties Step 18: Set the Maximum Performance for the Power management Step 19: Set the Level High for Roaming aggressiveness Step 20: 802.11b/g (Default): Select this option when 802.11b and 802.11g (2.4 GHz) ad hoc band frequency is used.

Step 21: 802.11a: Select this option when 802.11a (5 GHz) ad hoc band frequency is used.

Because I have a switch to disable the Wifi power, this seemed easier/safer, and it worked. thanks, Solution: remove whatever "preferred networks" are displayed in wireless netwok card's property page, n click ok. happens when u switch to a new router or use a new different SSID.