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The hero must be worth pursuing, and the heroine must be worthy of her hero. If you have an idea for a heterosexual erotic story with the hero taking full lead, consider ways you might revise it to focus more on the female’s point of view.

Some (very limited) authors have found success in shifting through both points of view, and it works well in some circumstances, but many editors will frown on the “head hopping” of internal dialog. Mixed-genre erotica and erotic romance are all the rage.

Following are 10 tips I’ve accrued for those curious about writing erotica: 1. While sex does play a key role in erotica, the sex itself is secondary to the development of the characters and plot. Flat characters never go far, but in erotica, you really do have your work cut out for you when it comes to creating believable and entertaining character dynamics.

A good erotica writer knows that, no matter how great the sex is, there still needs to be a good, solid story if one wants to hold a reader’s interest. Dashing heroes make for great romance and passionate love-making, but they won’t keep the story going.

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