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A spokesperson for the NHA Party told uk: ‘Virgin is very clever at putting together tender documents for public services and so far has won nearly 330 contracts for NHS services across the country. ‘There are many other private health companies also operating as ‘the NHS’, behind the name.

The change from a publicly provided NHS to a privately provided one is being done piece by piece and the extent of the change is being hidden by keeping the logo.

These meetings are well attended by a solid core of regular attendees and guest speakers are usually available to entertain us with mainly bird related talks.

We have even hosted a meeting when we were given an insight into world of `Chelonia` or tortoises to the uninitiated.

The Kent Area Group of the Parrot Society Uk has been in existence almost as long as the Society itself,having held its earliest meetings wherever it was practicable,including barns and local hostelries.

We are currently holding our gatherings at the British Rail Club. These meetings are arranged by our current Co-ordinator Barry Butcher and he is assisted by his wife Richelle and Secretary Phil Thomas.

Very interesting diversion into a whole new class of commonly kept pet species.