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Simply tap waypoints on the map to create a plan and we'll show you the distance, duration and fuel burn.Or use the quick-plan feature for fast entry of plans through known waypoints and we'll suggest preferred Australian IFR routes.Your information is secure and is not traded or sold.

We'll also take a look at the innovative tech that's likely to define the future of the industry.

Internet Protocol, or IP cameras are the precursor to modern-day smart-home-style security cameras.

Technically, these little numbers were the DIY competition for the ADTs and Vivints of the world long before today's smart home was even a thing.

Here's the problem: just like their clunky name suggests, IP cameras weren't designed with simplicity in mind.

Maps, ERSA, DAPs, AIP, AOPA Airfield Directory and Pilots Touring Guide for Australia. Oz Runways Pty Ltd is a CASA CAR 175 approved data provider, meaning that Australian pilots can rely on Oz Runways EFB or RWY to meet all the requirements for documentation carriage in flight; private and commercial, IFR and VFR.


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