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The Ashley Madison hackers have posted personal information like e-mail addresses and account details from 32 million of the site's members.

The group has claimed two motivations: First, they've criticized Ashley Madison's core mission of arranging affairs between married individuals.

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The issue in the user agreement is this line: "Business, commercial, or merchant transactions may not be conducted using personal accounts." So while sending your share of the rent to someone is OK, "event tickets and Craigslist items" probably aren't, according to the terms you agreed to as a Venmo user.

One victim contacted by Slate had gotten an email from Venmo's head of fraud, stating, "Venmo has a complete understanding of the scam plot you fell victim to ...

In latest We Chat scams, the scammers’ modus operandi is to first message individuals on We Chat (or other social messaging applications) with the allure of sexual favours for a small price.

The scammer then talks the victim into purchasing gift cards from online sites like i Tunes and Alipay.

But Slate found four users who'd been scammed by people taking advantage of a technicality in Venmo's user agreement.