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It was a special period in Bermuda's tourism from the 1860s, when a number of visitors, being artists, used their time in mostly the winter months in the very pleasant winter months compared to the snow and ice of much of the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe.

James, Georgia O'Keeffe, John Lyman, Ogden Pleissner, Prosper Senat, Niles Spencer, Ben Shepardorn, Frank Stella, E.

Their detailed landscapes and seascapes show how Bermuda developed as a naval base and land fortress bristling with guns that could heave cannonballs or shells miles out to sea to fend off invaders.

The lyrics are powerful, and I think that the line, "The movement you need is on your shoulder", is underrated.

to John and George...* Neither song was in the movie.

Hallewell, Flag Captain Sir Michael Seymour and Lieutenant General Gaspard Le Merchant Tupper (one of whose many Bermuda works is "The Admiral Going to Sea").


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