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(Note: Bellano just happens to have had his book called Animazione In Cento Film presented at Venice and comes quite recommended for those who are interested in animation and can read Italian.) Luckily, where the pieces above lack in quantity and quality, Venice's two other full-length animations rightfully make up for it!

Numero due, Miyazaki Hayao's biopic on Horikoshi Jiro Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises), is a highly personal one.

As anime eye-candy, this film will leave you sated, but if you are looking for a good, thought-provoking flick, then much less so.

That the storyline is clichéd is perhaps to be expected in a manga film, but at 2 hours, the plot offers nothing new in the well-worn sci-fi/anime genre, and the script attempts to make up for the lack of tension by offering up too many sub-plots that further disrupt the film’s momentum and twists that require cliff notes to make sense of.

But if you insist, let me give you the looong story, zooming in on Aramaki's Matsumoto adaptation Harlock: Space Pirate, as well as briefly exploring Venice's other animations.