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A lot of women have great lives in other ways, yet still struggle with old patterns in the dating and relationship arena.

This was true for Michelle and me for a long time, too.

I asked that question over and over to the thousands of lesbians and queer women streaming by the Conscious Girlfriend booth at a recent Pride event. Our framework is compatible with Buddhist practice, Non-Violent Communication, Landmark, 12-step work, therapy, and most other forms of healing and consciousness work, and it will help you integrate that work more fully in your dating and relationship life.

If you’re already committed to conscious relationships, our work will help you apply the learning you’ve done elsewhere, as well as give you some powerful new lesbian-centric tools.

As teens (individuals aging from 13 to 19 years old) mature into adulthood, initial relationships are formative and shape expectations that persist throughout life.


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