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The following is an example cease and desist letter for harassment.

Last year, Americans 50 and older accounted for about half of the nearly $11 million in losses from intimidation schemes reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. You're threatened with violence, a lawsuit or arrest over supposed missed loan payments; you're told to pay to avoid a bogus court summons; or you're told a virus will ruin your computer unless you pay. The $11 million figure is probably the tip of the iceberg.

Most victims are too embarrassed to report getting scammed, or too scared when told to keep mum "or else." Below are some variations on the scam.

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People using this form should edit out the brackets [ ] and fill in the appropriate information that is applicable to themselves.

The crooks use Facebook and other online sites to glean personal information about you and your family to make the threats seem real. In emails, by phone and occasionally at your front door, it's scammers — not bona fide public servants — who seek your personal data or immediate payment of a supposed fine.