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Lindsay Lohan seems to be making a comeback with her possible cameo in “Life-Size 2” and on her new show “Sick Note.” The TV series is a British comedy starring former “Harry Potter” star and current Ed Sheeran impersonator, Rupert Grint.

The first season of the series has already aired, but Lindsay is keeping busy on set filming for the second season.

movie series have done an undeniably fantastic job of growing up.

So much so that there's now a term for it - Longbottoming - after, of course, the most spectacular example: Matthew Lewis AKA Neville Longbottom.

In the final moments, Rupert makes maybe the most difficult decision of his life as he choses whether or not Ed lives on. (Photo credits: MTV You Tube account and Ed Sheeran Instagram account) Continue Reading → Leaving One Direction may have been the best career move for Zayn Malik.