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It will also enable members to go back and find a file that they may have not downloaded at the time of the original post and also enable new members to go back and find previous posted MIDI's.

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His performance was mighty - even getting his disinterested teammates into the mood by the end - watch Sims' slowly step up to the role of Thaiday's karaoke corporal.

There's not a lot left to say about it, really, other than thanks Sam for another beauty.

MEMBER for Maranoa David Littleproud is taking a leaf out of Hollywood's book and trying his hand at carpool karaoke.

Mr Littleproud was joined by LNP colleague Fiona Nash for a bit of roadtrip karaoke on a visit to Winton.

WESTFORD, MA—Admitting that she couldn’t fully describe the enigmatic allure that drew her to him, local woman Laura Saracen told reporters Wednesday there was just something dark and intriguing about 34-year-old Tyler Evans, a man with a serious personality disorder.