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About three quarters of the way into an interview in a Lower East Side New York hotel room, Joseph Gordon-Levitt explains the underlying current of unease humming like an old refrigerator wire through his lanky body. I think actors especially...a lot of liberties are taken with artists, because it's a little less consequential than, like, politicians.

"Interviews in general—I'm looking forward to a different experience with you—in general the truth is they're all really pretty much fiction. Although I imagine if you ask government officials they'd say the same thing. It's all just stories."The main character of this story is built like a long, single-lane stretch of road leading to boyish features weighted with recognition of the world.

But in this GQ photo shoot, he actually looks like a boyishly handsome MAN.

A man who is perfectly capable of doing dirty things. He’s done a flip-flop.” Joseph Gordon-Levitt on not going to his high school prom: “I thought the girls my age were very frustrating.

I think it's good for readers of magazines to know that.


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