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You also find the teenagers around the Otigba Junction, Rangers Avenue, Presidential Road, New Berries, Obiagu, among others, where they peddle drugs and sex for fees ranging from N500 and N2,000 per night or home service. I will, at once, notify my colleagues that I have a customer and we will be in a world of our own”. This is what I do to fend for myself and send money to my family in the village. If you get more than that, it is because it is a festive season, public holiday, weekend, etc.

investigation also showed that some banks recruit beautiful girls to scout for large deposits from men. Continuing, she beckoned in confidence,”Try and see. I hoped to further my education but the present Nigeria’s economic outlook has eroded that dream. But I cannot fold my arms and watch my parents and siblings in the village die of hunger”. ” “Well, before this government took over, the business was good. You do not need to spend money on extraneous things like beer, pepper soup and the rest. Corporate prostitution Garbed in suits with inner shirts that reflect the bank’s colour, beautiful female marketers chase male customers to their bedrooms, obviously to solicit that they open accounts with the bank.

Badoo is 'not a dating site' - but the social network 'for meeting new people' seems to work rather similarly to one...

although in a recent poll, 30 per cent of UK users admitted to meeting someone for sex via the site The privacy settings of the site are still a potential issue for some users.

Sometimes I feel like trying on some female shoes, make my hair, and do my make up, but this is hard, because of what people will say, and possibly, the reaction it will provoke from people who do not understand me.