Modern orthodox dating

It has few natural resources other than mineral deposits.

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Western Christendom till the Reformation was Latin; even now the Protestant bodies still bear unmistakably the mark of their Latin ancestry. In a still broader sense the East may be called Greek.

True, many Eastern Churches know nothing of Greek; the oldest (Nestorians, Armenians, Abyssinians) have never used Greek liturgically nor for their literature; nevertheless they too depend in some sense on a Greek tradition. vi) there were three patriarchates, those of Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch.

Albanians make up the largest minority, with 21 percent of the population, and small Turkish and Serbian populations are also represented.

The majority of Macedonians, 59 percent, belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church, while 26 percent are Muslims.

All Orthodox Jews believe fully in creation, denying or even not recognizing the theory of evolution.