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If you can’t think of anything funny or intriguing to say, just forget the message and add her as a friend anyway.

Spend 15 minutes skimming through her about page, interests, past wall posts in her timeline and photos.

Before I get into the good stuff though, let’s first see why you should be spending a little more time pursuing women on Facebook, rather than posting crap on your wall no one will ever read. Whenever you want to meet girls on Facebook, just follow these steps and you’ll see things unfold like magic. Spend a couple of hours per week, adding 5 to 10 girls you think are cute or really hot as a friend.

Write an intriguing opening line in the “add message” box that pops up.

In Facebook, however, you have effective tools to deal with people who deliberately abuse you.


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    “[Creator] Dan [Fogelman] had this idea very early on,” episode co-writer Elizabeth Berger revealed at a post-finale Q&A on Tuesday night.

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    Now he’s ready to leave the “friend zone” behind to find true love with the Bachelorette. Occupation: Musician David is a born entertainer and he lives his dream every day working as a musician, performing magic tricks for the children at the YMCA and even hosting his own online cooking show. Occupation: Canada’s Crush Eddie is a 32-year-old proud east-coaster who won over the nation, receiving the most online votes to earn the title of Canada’s Crush and a coveted spot amongst the 20 Bachelors vying for Jasmine’s heart.

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    If you make a match, you can commence Instagram- or Facebook-stalking to learn more — at least that’s what we do.