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I am mostly familiar with the white straight male demographic and in this, suffering nerds are often called "neckbeards", or "omega males".

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I am largely talking about the guys who are mocked and bullied by being called "forever a virgin", those whose traits cluster around interest in D&D, Magic: The Gathering, fantasy, anime, have poor body hygiene, dress and groom in ways considered unattractive, have poor social skills, very low chances of ever finding a girlfriend, and not have any social life besides teaming up with fellow social outcasts.

Self-hatred I propose the core issue of suffering nerds, "neckbeards", "omega males" is self-hatred.

Motivated reasoning and offense SSC wrote we don't yet have a science of nerds.

My proposal is to use motivated reasoning and focus on the of nerds who suffer and need helping.

Professor Moody …presents the best ‘teaching’ Hoqwarts has seen in a while. should be referred to as ‘Professor’, ‘Headmaster’ or ‘Sir’, not ‘Dude’, ‘My Leige’ or ‘Tim the Enchanter’. Celine Lily Snape, daughter to Severus Snape, is a daddy's girl 11-year old witch beginning her schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Logan has been in love with Kendall for years, but he doesn't know how to tell him.