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The numbers on our show have also trickled down into their own programming so I think, for here in the States, it's a great decision - and I'm certainly excited to be employed for two years! She's so troubled and so funny - and that's a really great combination of things to play. all of those things are very fun qualities to play in a character."I'm just looking forward to doing more with her and learning more about her.This season is really exciting for me because Lacey's starting to have really great, interesting storylines, which I'm thrilled about."Do we explore her issues more in season two and find out why she is so angry?

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Indian origin, beautiful American actress Noureen De Wulf has a net worth of around $3 million. She has appeared on more than 10 popular television shows like “Outsourced”, “Hawthorne” and “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” etc.

She began her career with the film- “West Bank Story” which was in the year 2005.

"I was shocked when I came into the hockey world and would see my husband's much younger teammates, at 23, 24, married, and then with two or three children by 26, 27," said De Wulf, who is married to Vancouver Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller.

De Wulf is a well-known actress, most recently having starred in Anger Management with Charlie Sheen.

She is currently working for the American TV show “Anger Management”.


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