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I feel like he is familiar then I found out he is the dorm leader in To The Beautiful You. actually I saw you in To the beautiful you , but I cant remember it..

Cute and good acting in Unemployment Benefit Romance... cuz in Unemployment Benefit Romance you are different... I love you ^___^ he is awesome with the way acting at bleak night and the devil, as young ohsoo of course,he got me.

I happen to see him in 1 of yonguun mv for the drama OST.

Park Seo Joon stands out from the rest of actors because physically, he is a clean-cut guy in hairstyle, in fashion, and in fitness. I hope to see him in many more dramas in the near future! ^u^ I LOVED his character in One Warm Word and is the reason why I started watching Witch's Romance.

Se espera que pronto se presente para una disculpa pública, como pasó con varios idols que también estuvieron involucrados en escándalos sexuales.