Phil collins dating dana tyler

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Photos: Thirty Years of Genesis Later on, halfway through lunch in a mixing room, he happily rolls a great big gherkin around his plate and begins sawing into it with a knife and fork.

He's 59 and looks pretty much the way he's always looked: kind of small, kind of bald.

Collins and his third wife, Orianne Cevey, split in 2006.

It was announced yesterday that Cevey will receive $46.76 million in cash from the Genesis frontman.

My first wife, Andrea, told me if I toured like that, the marriage wouldn’t last. If I'd known touring would cost me so dearly, I wouldn’t have done it."The 59-year-old star is now trying to live a quieter life and spends his days in Switzerland, so that he can see his sons Nicholas and Matthew from his marriage to Orianne. They also get along with each other and my girlfriend.