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Based on a French Catholic tradition, the celebration is now a city-wide holiday in Mobile, where even schools close down to celebrate.The first masked ball in Mobile began in 1704, and the tradition of a parade started in 1711.Co-lead researcher Dr Brad Tucker said his team was able to confirm a previously unknown object was a real exploding star in just a day, thanks to the efficiency and dedication of volunteer supernovae hunters - more than 700 of them.

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During the New Stone Age, stones were crafted into fine needles and served as instruments of healing.

Many stone needles and needles made from bamboo and bone have been excavated from ruins in China.

In 1866, the Mardi Gras parade was resurrected in Mobile.

Those taking part in the parade were usually parts of secret societies, and each of these societies would create magnificent floats and costumes.

The most significant milestone in the history of acupuncture occurred during the period of Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor (approximately 2697-2597? In a famous dialogue between Huang Di and his physician Qi Bo, they discuss the whole spectrum of Chinese Medical Arts.