Ps3 media files not updating

ps3 media files not updating-2

As alternative can i buy some HDMI-Android device to plug directly behind the TV that will work cool with UMS? UMS V5.2.2 has run for a while, after i´ve deleted all other devices but PS4.

Now, after some Windows Updates, it dont find any devices. Till then Hi, I could find out that the problem is not directly linked to UMS or the PS4, but with the exact file format.

No idea why this is happening, but that could be a reason of this issue... But I have been doing some tests, and I have found a way to get it work!!

Make the Transcode Folder visible on your PS4, then choose the " Video File Engine " (or whatever you want to have it called) -- For me, choosing this, any files is starting instantly, and the time of the video file appears again (which is make the possibility to fast forward or backward!! I will try to find out if there is a way to put on UMS the possibility to use the " Windows 10: Serviio runs for me...

Like many people living in the digital age, my digital media was scattered among various drives, computers, and discs.